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Starting school in 2020?

Are you and your child ready for the first day of school? Find primary school resources including hints, tips and checklists to get #Ready2020.

Our learning community encourages all students to participate in a wide range of cultural, sporting and social activities.

Kellyville is an open and friendly school in which our goal is to do the very best for all of our students. A working partnership between parents and teachers and a well developed sense of community is evident within the school.

Our experienced staff seek to achieve our school goals by providing a curriculum that is both relevant and challenging. We aim for excellence. At Kellyville Public School, we teach core values of integrity, excellence, respect, responsibility, co-operation, participation, caring, fairness and democracy. These values underpin all teaching and learning and are reflected in our Guiding Principles.

There is a strong emphasis on providing the best opportunities in a variety of exemplary programs in sport activities, academic challenges and expression through creative and practical arts.

Through the positive student welfare program, there is a clear focus on developing self esteem, self discipline and motivation. Responsible action is encouraged in a facets of the students' school life. 

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