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Learning Dispositions

Learning Dispositions

At Kellyville Public School we have developed a learning culture that empowers our students as learners and promotes self and social awareness. The learning dispositions provide the language and concepts that underpin this intention. Learning dispositions are the positive attitudes and attributes that support students to be successful in learning.

Our students are utilising the learning dispositions to support their learning and social development each day. The six learning dispositions at Kellyville Public School are:

Be Brave

Be Gritty

Be Curious

Be Collaborative

Be Reflective

Be Kind

Be Brave – Learners who are ‘brave’ have a go or take a risk with learning even though it might be challenging or outside their comfort zone. They have the courage to ask for assistance when they recognise they need it and know that mistakes are a tool for learning.

Be Gritty – Being gritty is to demonstrate determination and persistence even when a task gets difficult or there are obstacles along the way. When learners persist with a task they increase their chances of succeeding. Be Gritty is a key ingredient to completing difficult tasks and challenging ourselves.

Be Collaborative – Collaboration is the ability to work with peers towards common goals using common resources. Successful learners actively participate, encourage others, share their own ideas and seek the collective ideas of the group to generate solutions to learning challenges and social problems. In order to achieve their goals students need to be active listeners, constructive participants and work as a team.

Be Curious - Curiosity is the desire to know. Learners who are curious and inquisitive will seek out knowledge, ask questions, wonder about the world in which they live. They are motivated to seek solutions to problems.

Be Reflective – As a reflective learner, students reflect on their learning goals to inform their progress. They seek out, value and act upon feedback from teachers and peers. They celebrate success for themselves and others.

Be Kind – Learners who exhibit kindness care for others by speaking nicely, helping others across school contexts, thinking positively and using strategies to self-regulate their emotions