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Library Monitors


Senior students are eligible to apply to be a library monitor. Library monitors have a range of responsibilities during lunchtime and special Library events. These responsibilities include: -

  • Shelving books
  • Tidying and ordering shelves
  • Assisting students to locate and use resources within the Library
  • Distributing activities to students during lunch time


Aims of the Library Monitor Program

1) To provide leadership opportunities within the school.

2) To encourage ownership of the library by students.

3) To further improve the library environment following student input.

4) To assist fellow students and teachers.

5) To learn new skills, including research and ICT skills.

6) To encourage a tradition of leadership and commitment from senior students.


Leadership roles and responsibilities

  • Assist in the library a minimum of one duty each week at second-half of lunch
  • Return items to appropriate shelves
  • Tidy shelves if all books have been returned 
  • Assist students in locating resources within the library
  • Develop library communication with the school community
  • Assist students in using library resources and technology.

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